Quartz Advantages


  • Resistant to wear and tear

    Thanks to CRL Quartz technical characteristics, this is one of the most resistant countertops on the market, ideal for use in the kitchen and bathroom

  • Highly scratch resistant

    Food can be cut directly on top of the surface without it being damaged. Even so, adapted cutting boards, like CRL Quartz, or boards made of other materials should be used for cutting.

  • Stain resistant

    CRL Quartz is not affected by products like solvents, detergents, bleach, oil, vinegar or citrus juice, provided that the stains are cleaned away within 24 hours.

  • Heat resistant

    It does not burn or give off smoke or toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures.

  • Impact resistant

    CRL Quartz has a high resistance to knocks and impacts.

  • Easy to clean and care for

    No extra care or special products are needed to clean it. Stains can be removed with water or mild cleaning products.

  • Hygiene

    Because it is a non-porous surface, the build-up of bacteria or mould is prevented, and food can be placed in direct contact with it.

  • 25 Year Warranty

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