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Inspired by industrial design: how to get the look in your kitchen

CRL Quartz Antonella surface on kitchen island

Once mainly the reserve of homes converted from warehouses and similar buildings boasting large and often open-plan ground floor spaces, the industrial look is now making its way into more and more kitchens. Homeowners are keen to include industrial-inspired touches to create an environment that even the most professional of chefs would feel comfortable setting to work in.

The good news is that you don’t have to have a vast amount of space in order to make the look work in your own kitchen and there are a multitude of ways that you can introduce elements of industrial styling into your existing kitchen set-up if now is not the right time for a complete redesign.

Industrial style kitchenThe best place to start if you are keen on getting the look is to consider the different elements that are common across industrial-inspired interiors. Such kitchens tend to be highly practical spaces, with decorative touches added here and there but overall kept to a minimum. In general, the industrial kitchen will be minimal in design, with sleek handle-free furniture, and clever storage solutions and open-plan shelving to free up worktop space ready for functional food preparation tasks.

Colour, material and texture are hugely important in the industrial kitchen, combining in a myriad of ways to create a really individual kitchen. Overall, colour schemes tend to be kept neutral, with elements of grey, black and brown combining with raw materials such as exposed brickwork, stainless steel, stone and timber. Remember though that the general rule when it comes to deciding on a colour scheme still applies in an industrial-style kitchen: the bigger the space the darker you can go. If there is plenty of natural light then smaller rooms will be able to accommodate darker hues too, although if your kitchen is particularly compact then sticking to a light colour scheme and adding decorative touches such as exposed light fittings and industrial-inspired handles for furniture will achieve the look just effectively without being overbearing.

Industrial kitchen islandSimply changing your worktops, for example, can bring industrial elements into your existing kitchen space. Ceramic tiles are often seen in industrial settings due to their sheer versatility and durability, so why not carry this through to work surfaces too, with Ceralsio ceramic offering a number of options that work well with this theme. Ceralsio Ferro Vecchio is a case in point: taking on the appearance of poured concrete, this material offers a softer alternative to the often harsh lines of industrial-inspired designs. Worktops in a pale marble design, such as CRL Quartz Pacific Grey are equally as effective.

Combine this with furniture in a moody shade if you are graced with a spacious kitchen or add contrast with a vibrant colour scheme for an industrial-inspired space that ticks all the boxes.

Stuck for inspiration for your own kitchen design? Check out our Instagram page, join us on Pinterest and view our Gallery for ideas.

Why not visit our showrooms to view our CRL Quartz and Ceralsio surfaces in real life?

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